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Cold War

Taking to the air-waves. (try the veal, I'm here all week etc.)
Conflating a bike ride in the snow with 44 years of being on the brink of the nuclear apocalypse.

An object in motion remains in motion unless…

If you look hard enough in the trees, somewhere 15 mins from the centre of Chamonix, you too can find the BC porthole.
Spring. New shoots, new growth and new trail building in Chamonix.

Post truth biking

The Plan and a plan.
If US president elect went to Chamonix, rode one of its best trails, then talked about it.... (and a load of golden hour pictures)

An interlude.

Up above the (cold in the shade) streets and houses.

It’s December. The day of the longest night to be exact. Eleven days before the end of the year, and we’re riding our bikes.

As a lefty-liberal-pinko-socialist who will talk at you for hours on why capitalism will fail as it doesn’t obey the 1st or 2nd laws of thermodynamics, it’d be expected of me to launch into a rant about global warming and how it’s all our fault here.

But it’s christmas, you’re saved, I’ll be nice and no bother. Anyways, December is often a poor month for snow, often warm, often dry. Mibbies not so often good for … [Read full post]

Dear green place

Torrent des Bossons

The Chamonix valley. It’s expensive (so move somewhere less dear or quit whining), it rains (well, how else does it stay green) and it’s miles from Glasgow (the original dear green place). But between the winter & summer seasons there’s a lot in common with the Weeg.

The clouds are down in the valley hiding the aiguilles and leaving a view of green, tree covered, hills. None of the lifts are open so we’re pedalling up fire roads to bomb down damp singletrack. And it’s raining, so there’s not too many other folk out and about despite none of the … [Read full post]

New term, new toys

It's like a boy band, but worse

The skiing might not be over for everyone, but most of us have put the planks away now and are looking at pinkbike instead of TGR, or endurotribe instead of skipass depending on your nationality…

Of course, new season means everyone has spent their money on new toys and group rides are a smorgasbord of shiny bits. 650b, pikes, BOS, 1xwhatever and wider still bars. Ruaridh hasn’t had any upgrades (unless that’s a new collar), but still seemed to be the quickest up the hill.

With no bike lifts running in town, a quick lunchtime ride meant pedalling up the … [Read full post]


Lifts open next weekend. Which is nice. There seems to be a bit more of a buzz about town than usual for mountain biking this year. I don’t know if it’s the long winter making everyone over eager for summer activities, the rise of “enduro” racing in magazines and websites making everyone excited about shiny new toys or what, but basically, we’re looking forward to the lifts opening. A lot.

Of course, folk haven’t stopped riding just because they have to get up the hill themselves. The snow lines been slowly working its way up the hill and the trails … [Read full post]

Forever delayed…

Jumping for joy at dusty trails

I’m beginning to sound like a stuck record (or best-of album), but this blog’s here to give y’all an idea of riding conditions and trails around Chamonix, so I can only say what I see!

Yes, winter is STILL in force in the Chamonix valley.

I’ve been back in Scotland for a wee visit (where I got to ride the excellent new Commonwealth Games track at Cathkin Braes, good work guys. Almost made me wish I was back working in Glasgow. Almost) and had expected that upon return to Chamonix the sun would be shining, the air warm and the … [Read full post]

Back out

The last of the piste skiing in Chamonix has closed for the winter and town is now definitely in interseason mode. That means empty bars, closed hotels and quiet trails, though no uplift alas. Normally the train takes the strain at this time of year, however the entire line is closed for renovation until the 28th June. Everything has a silver lining and it helps move from ski legs to bike legs if you have to get up everything under your own steam.

It got sunny again today so with Sandy, Spencer and Nina we headed out for a … [Read full post]

Winter in ‘fat lady still not singing’ shocker

It might be the end of April, but winter still refuses to loosen it’s grip on the Chamonix valley. Fortunately May looks like it’s going to start with higher freezing levels, some fohen wind and a bit of sunshine which will hopefully help shift the snow from lower down, whilst sorting out the higher mountains for some spring ski touring!

It’s not stopped folk getting out on the bike though, so below’s some shots from some recent rides around the valley with Sandy and also Spencer from Chamonix Bike Rental who has some great plans for the biking community in … [Read full post]