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Aosta, Col Entrelor

Why would you want to be anywhere else? Lots of reasons, but that doesn't tie up the loose ends quite so well, so we'll ignore them.
The Aosta valley has some of the finest mountain biking in the Alps, Italy, Europe and the world. Here's just a wee bit of it from the Col Entralor.

B.C. Pemberton, Squamish and Chilcotins, I don’t only ride park.

Rob on one of the many mellow turns of High Trail. There was about 1000m vert of this from the alpine down through the trees. Good eh.

Following on from the part 1 post on the trip to British Columbia, here’s some envy inducing images from our trips away from mountain bike Disney Land to some other choice spots.

Whistler’s park is famous for a reason, but then the rest of B.C. is also famous for a reason. I could’ve probably spent 3 weeks riding Squamish and come home thinking I’d had a grand trip. There’s a lot of amazing riding out there and I’ve hardly seen any of it, but I suspect I’ll be seeing more over the next few years.

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B.C. Whistler, I only ride park.

Spend three weeks mountain biking in B.C. and'll ride a fair bit of park.

Le Thuile: Day of the Dead (forearms).*

Yeah, I know the image quality is terrible, but if you wanted a better idea why didn't you go yourself?
Once again, La Thuile knocks it out the park and out my hands at enduro racing. Superenduro Round 3.


Do you even #lightbro? Spence on the fine combination of Kill Bill/Madonna.
Finale Ligure. Fine riding on the Mediterranean coast and a last trail before waving goodbye to my Strive.

It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine): Lift (not) closings

Brevent's most photogenic corner.
Desperately trying to avoid getting to the top of the hill under our own power.

Gone surfing: La Clusaz

Spence is pretty hand on bikes AND skis, so nowt for him to worry about in La Clusaz.
Skiing on dust with bikes. A wee trip over to La Clusaz for the last day of it's summer season.

Enduro des Belleville

Nina on stage 3. Have I mentioned it was a really good stage?
Enduro des Belleville 2016, the best enduro race in the world? Mibbies.

La Thuile EWS, Veni Vidi Perdidi*

Ciao La Thuile, see you soon.

Amongst the many, many things that annoy me (unnessecary repetition, spelling necessary, etc) is the phrase “have a good time all the time”. The idea that you can have only the good and positive with none of the bad. The yin without the yang, the single market without free movement of people…. Life needs a balance to work.

Hence the crackingness of the La Thuile race weekend; the courses, the weather, the friends, the kicking about in the pits in the sun…. all had to be balanced out by a negative, which in my case was arm pump.

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Vote Leave*.

Stoppie turns for the win!

I left the EU today**. It was easy too. Me and 3 fellow EU citizens packed the bikes into the car, went to the boulangerie and drove over the border into the wildlands of Switzerland. Then after a days riding came back to the EU.

There’s still a couple of days to go until the Chamonix lifts open for the summer so lazy riding needs a bit more effort. Fortunately Switzerland’s Postbus service can provide just the help we need to get 1700m of descending for only 700m of up.


The Col des Planches area is new to me … [Read full post]